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Are you suffering from a blocked drain in Littlehampton or surrounding area? Our team of Littlehampton drainage engineers are on hand to resolve any issues you are experiencing.

Offering a rapid response to all commercial and residential drainage problems, from leaking pipes, blocked toilets and blocked sinks to drain clearance.

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A team Of PROFESSIONAL Drain engineers in West Sussex

Welcome to The Drain Fixers Ltd, Littlehampton, are a family run business covering West Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey with over 20 years’ experience.

We have vast knowledge & experience in all areas of drainage, including: drain unblocking, drain repairs (cracked or broken drains, leak fix, root infestation) water mains installations, broken manhole covers, drain lining, rain water soakaways, gullys, CCTV drain surveys, blocked toilet, blocked sink, guttering replacement & repairs and much more.

We do not charge a call out fee and we offer free quotes.



24/7 Drainage
Emergency Services in West sussex

blocked drains West Sussex

Our drain unblocking services in West Sussex cover all forms of drains including baths, basins, sinks, toilets showers, outside drains and many more.


drain repair West Sussex

Being experts in drain repairs allows us to offer the most suitable approach to the issue at hand, whether it’s a cracked drain pipe or a leak that must be fixed. Saving you costs and getting the job done quicker.


Install/repair water mains

Repairing leaking or damaged water main pipes and installing upgraded pipework. We deal with all water main repair or installation.


Manhole Covers

Having a sufficient manhole cover secures the debris from entering your pipework. It reduces leaves blocking the drain. We install and repair all manhole covers.


CCTV drain surveys

Offering a quick and easy route to finding out faults within drain pipes. Looking to buy a house? We can supply you with a CCTV drainage report.


Drain lining

Drain lining is our cost effective drain repair solution that will get your drain back up and running in no time.



“Very courteous and professional. Ben and his team used up to date technology and kept me informed on what needed doing and the most cost effective option. I would definitely recommend DrainFixers for all drain unblocking services”

Donald Ross

“Very impressed with the knowledge and preparations in undertaking of work explained everything very tidy and polite. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Sue Hudson

“Guys turned up as booked in, dug out and installed a new soakaway and lifted slabs to run pipework to a new gully, reinstated perfectly, works great well done. Good job”

Brian Oakway

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Local drain blockage specialists

Littlehampton blocked drain experts

With over 20 years of expertise unblocking and repairing Littlehampton drains, our professional, local, and friendly West Sussex specialists can solve any Littlehampton drain problems.

From things like a blocked drain in Littlehampton, a bath or shower that has to be unblocked, a toilet that is producing hygiene issues, or serious issues to do with blockages and sewer pipes, we are here to help.

The Drain Fixers specialises in drain unblocking and drain repair in Littlehampton. We provide a variety of services, including CCTV drain surveys, drain testing, blocked toilet, blocked sinks, repairs, and drain relining, in addition to clearing blocked drains.

Specialists in unblocking drain

Do you have blocked drains in West sussex? Let us help

Our drain unblocking services cover all forms of drains including blocked baths and blocked sinks.

You’ve come to the right place if you need a blockage cleared or a drain fixed, a CCTV study to determine the root cause of a drainage problem, or a septic tank installed.

From clogs caused by fats and oils, grime, or foreign items to more significant issues such as subsidence-induced drain collapses or tree roots, we can help you.

Blocked sink and blocked toilet
blocked toilet or blocked sink?

Local blocked drain engineers

One of the most common problems in households is a blocked sink or blocked toilet. While there are many DIY blocked drain prevention techniques, if unresolved this issue can result in more damage to your internal and external pipes.

Our local blocked drain engineers are on hand to offer their expertise no matter what size the task is.

We offer a FREE call out fee so call us now on 01903 491149.


“After having issues with our blocked drains we had an emergency which we needed help with. The Drain Fixers arrived the same day and got the work down. Very professional and efficient!”

John P – Bognor Regis


How can I prevent a blocked drain in West Sussex?
It is critical to repair your drainage system on a regular basis to avoid becoming a victim of blocked drains. By doing so, you will reduce the danger of a blocked or clogged drain.

Our team of experienced engineers will be able to perform the necessary maintenance procedures to keep your drains flowing properly and to assist prevent floods.

It is critical to maintain your drainage system on a regular basis to avoid your drains becoming blocked. Blocked drains may be quite disruptive, especially for commercial enterprises, as they can cause extensive property damage that can be very costly. Read more on how to prevent blocked drains.

What causes a blocked drain in West Sussex?
Knowing the indications that your drain is blocked is critical because it can help you prevent the problem from spiralling out of control and leaving you scrambling for an emergency plumber.

The most obvious symptom to watch for is if your sink, shower, or bath drains slower than usual; this is a warning sign that you should have someone come out and inspect your drains. When you flush, use a tap, or take a shower, the water doesn’t drain at all and instead rises.

What are the signs of a blocked drain?
The causes of blocked drains vary depending on which section of the property the blockage occurs in first. The following are the most prevalent causes of clogged drains:

This is most commonly triggered when washing your hair, as many of us have probably experienced when a few hairs fall out and instantly go down the drain when washing our hair. Hair can get trapped on obstructions as it travels down the drain, and this buildup of hair can slow down the drainage process and cause flooding in your sink or shower, causing you to unblock the drain.

How can my drains be unblocked?
When unclogging drains, determining the source of the problem might be challenging. We can use CCTV technology at The Drain Fixers to swiftly and efficiently detect the problem without causing any damage to the drainage system. This is a very successful strategy that we employ for the majority of clogged drains we see.

Once the cause of the problem has been identified, all RPD vehicles are equipped with high-pressure jet draining equipment. This will be able to quickly and effectively clear drains, sewers, and pipes.

What do I do if I have a blocked drain?
If you suspect your drains are blocked and you own the property, you are responsible for clearing the clog. If you are renting a property from a landlord, you should contact them first because they are normally responsible for the costs if the problem was not created by you. If you are unable to clear the blockage yourself, it is recommended that you contact a drainage professional. The Drain Fixers blocked drain service will get your drains up and running in no time.
Why is my toilet overflowing?
An overflowing toilet can be caused by a variety of difficulties, including a tank malfunction that causes the toilet to leak water regularly or an obstruction in your drainage system. The most likely problem, though, is a blockage in the toilet. With a plunger, this can be readily corrected at home. If the problem persists after following these instructions, please contact us at 01903 491149.

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